Court extends remand of hit-and-run suspect

Police asked to hold Shushan Baraby for 11 days, but court grants only 6 days; attorney says Baraby willing to submit to DNA test.

Shushan Baraby in court 370 (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Shushan Baraby in court 370
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
The Petah Tikva Magistrate’s Court on Thursday extended the remand of hit-and- run suspect Shushan Baraby an additional six days until September 4.
Baraby has denied he was involved in the accident or even at the scene of the crime.
He has been in police custody for 10 days already. The police asked to hold Baraby for an additional 11 days pending completion of the investigation.
During the hearing, Baraby’s defense attorney seemed to undermine the police’s case when the police admitted that they don’t have an expert report linking Baraby to the scene or proof that Baraby had run a red light.
Baraby’s defense attorney also highlighted his willingness to submit to DNA testing, something one would not expect if he had something to hide.
Baraby is suspected in a hit-and- run that left three women dead in Netanya on August 17.
Police had launched a hunt for Baraby, suspecting him of plowing through a crosswalk in Netanya, killing Svetlana Yigudiyev, 56, and daughter Shoshana Yigudiyev, 25, both from Dimona, and Svetlana’s cousin Alexandra Rubinov, 67, of Netanya.
Baraby is also suspected of drug possession and obstruction of justice.