Details of mysterious attempted murder in TA released

Woman, who cannot be named, was ambushed in center of city by an unknown individual armed with a knife who fled the scene.

Police on Thursday partially lifted a media ban on details of a mysterious attempted murder of a woman in the heart of Tel Aviv on February 6.
The woman, who cannot be named, was ambushed on the corner of Sderot Hen and Rehov Hashfotim by an unidentified man armed with a knife.
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She was stabbed and rushed to Ichilov Medical Center in critical condition.
The attacker snatched her bag and fled on a moped.
A police source told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday evening that one possibility being investigated was that the bag was stolen as part of an attempt to portray the assault as a robbery.
“This is one possibility under investigation,” the source said, adding that forensic evidence could support that theory.
Additional details cannot be published at this time.