Education Ministry suspends language dept. head

Dr. Mousa, the Arab to hold position as head of Education Ministry's language department, dismissed 'unexpectedly.'

Elementary school 521 (photo credit: Sherihan Abdel-Rahman)
Elementary school 521
(photo credit: Sherihan Abdel-Rahman)
The Education Ministry has suspended Dr. Hani Mousa, the head of its language department, who had recently acquired the position.
Mousa had been appointed to the job about a year ago and was the first person from the Arab sector to hold the position.
Prior to his nomination, Mousa, who holds several academic degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, had worked as the ministry’s superintendent of Hebrew studies for 14 years, Reshet Bet reported on Tuesday morning.
When Education Ministry appointed him as leader of the language department, it stated that Mousa “achieved great success in his role as the superintendent of Hebrew studies and developed expertise in the field among the Arab sector, increasing the percentage of Arab students finishing five units of study in the subject.”
A ministry spokesman told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that Mousa had only been in the position for a six-month trial period that was then extended by another six months. A year later, the ministry has decided he was not suited for the job and dismissed him.
People close to Mousa said he was very saddened about the decision, according to Reshet Bet, which also reported that the person who was supposed to replace him as the Hebrew superintendent filed a lawsuit against the ministry for unexpectedly leaving him without a job.Ben Hartman contributed to this report.