Firefighters rescue toddler from Ashdod apartment

Police investigating Eritrean migrant couple for allegedly leaving baby alone; 4 year-old lightly injured from smoke inhalation.

fire fighters 521 (photo credit: Courtesy of EVP)
fire fighters 521
(photo credit: Courtesy of EVP)
Police in Ashdod questioned the parents of a four-year-old boy rescued from a burning apartment in Ashdod on Tuesday.
The child was left alone when the fire broke out, police said.
The parents, migrants from Eritrea, were questioned at an Ashdod police station on suspicion of negligence. Earlier, police said an alert neighbor saw smoke rising from the apartment and heard the boy’s cries. He contacted emergency services, before breaking down the apartment’s door and attempting a rescue. Firefighters and police rushed to the scene and evacuated both the child and the neighbor. The boy sustained light injuries from smoke inhalation, firefighters said. The home was heavily damaged in the blaze.
Fireman Doron Padvoda told Channel 2 News that he found the child in his bedroom. Padvoda placed his oxygen mask over the boy and evacuated him.
“Without the bravery and assistance of the neighbor, the incident could have ended differently,” the firefighter said.