First rain of the season falls in Israel

Sunday will mark the official transition from summer to fall; southern residents miss out on the rain.

Rain storm 370 (photo credit: Daniella Crankshaw)
Rain storm 370
(photo credit: Daniella Crankshaw)
The first rain of the season came tumbling down on Saturday.
Rain was reported along Israel's coast from Haifa in the north down to the Center area, including Tel Aviv.
Incidentally, the rain came a day before the official transition from Summer to Fall which will take place on Sunday September 22.
Later this week, Jews will recite the prayer asking for a plentiful season of rain during the Shemini Atzeret holiday which marks the end of Sukkot.
New York native Molly Parker, 22, who currently resides in Tel Aviv, was particularly excited about the rain exclaiming, "I'm happy that Summer's over, it didn't rain until much later in the Fall last year, so I am excited it came early this year!"
While Israel's coastal residents enjoyed the first rain, those living in the South will have to wait a bit longer.
Tehila Reuben, 27, speaking from the Negev, said wryly, "its dry as a desert down here in the desert."
Judging from today's precipitation, it looks like she might not have to wait much longer.