Gadera religious school expels student over beauty pagent

Maayan says her principal told her that entering the pageant was “against the religious values of the school and is not acceptable.”

Beauty Pagent 311 (R) (photo credit: Reuters)
Beauty Pagent 311 (R)
(photo credit: Reuters)
A high school senior was kicked out of the state religious school she studies at in Gadera last week, after she took part in the “Miss Gedera and the surrounding areas” beauty pageant.
“Maayan,” who has requested anonymity, was told last Thursday that she would not be allowed to return to her studies at the religious high school – the day after she was crowned the new “Miss Gadera.”
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Speaking to Army Radio on Tuesday, Maayan said her principal told her last week that entering the pageant was “against the religious values of the school and is not acceptable,” adding that she is no longer allowed to study at the there.
The central branch of the education ministry said the girl went against the regulations of the school, and the issue is being checked by the state religious school’s authority.
Maayan told Army Radio that the contest had no swimsuit portion, and that she maintained her modesty throughout the competition.
“I made sure the whole time that it would be modest and would not be too revealing, because I am a student at a religious school.”
Maayan said that the school told her beforehand that she was not allowed to take part in the pageant, but that she had already signed a contract to appear at the competition before she asked for the school’s permission – and could not back out.
Regardless of the consequences, Maayan said Tuesday that the experience “was worth it, and a once in a lifetime thing.”
She added that she was given many presents with her victory, and will be able to represent the city of Gadera at events throughout the year.