Haredi Jews drop their pants in Jerusalem

Orthodox Jews participate in annual "No Pants Ride," by stripping down to their underwear for New York-inspired prank.

No Pants Day NY (photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
No Pants Day NY
(photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
Hundreds upon hundreds in New York braze the bitter cold year on year to ride the subway in just their underwear as part of the city's annual "No Pants Ride." Last Sunday, Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem also participated in the event.
(Footage courtesy of yourjewishnews.com)
What started out in 2002 as a small prank with seven participants has now grown to be a worldwide event. This year alone 49 other cities across the world, including Washington DC, London, Toronto and Zurich will join New Yorkers for some "no pants" action.
The prank is organized by Improv Everywhere, a group whose slogan is "we cause scenes."