Israel’s largest pet festival to crown top dog

Country’s largest ever pet festival will vote for the Jewish state’s top dog.

Dog show Israel (photo credit: Gil Hoffman)
Dog show Israel
(photo credit: Gil Hoffman)
In between elections for Knesset and chief rabbi, Israel will hold a contest of a different breed on Friday, when an international team of judges at the country’s largest ever pet festival will vote for the Jewish state’s top dog.
The three-day Festi-Pet, organized by the Israel Kennel Club, already attracted thousands of Israelis Wednesday to the event at the historic Mikve Israel Agricultural School in Holon. The highlight is expected to be the crowing of the festival’s champion dog on Friday at noon.
More than 3,000 animals were presented Wednesday at the festival, which featured horse shows, dog agility contests, dozens of cats, and more than 100 reptiles, including non-poisonous snakes that visitors of all ages are invited to pet and put around their shoulders.
There were Irish wolf hounds and great Danes, which are the world’s largest and tallest dogs, and chihuahuas, which are among the smallest.
For children, there is an inflatable amusement park, arts-and-crafts activities, and a cafeteria with kosher-for- Passover food.
Top judges have come from around the world, including Japan, Germany, the UK, Russia, and the United States. Visitors braved traffic jams to come from as far north as the Golan Heights and as far South as Eilat.
Micha Katz, a dog breeder and groomer from Efrat, brought his toy poodle Jasmine, who won a prize in her category. Katz, who gained expertise in poodles from his years as a breeder and groomer, said he likes them because they are small, comfortable to have around the house, do not shed, and are hypo-allergenic.
“It was very exciting to see Jasmine win in her first show,” Katz said. “We are so glad we came.”