Jewish youths assault Arab in Jerusalem's Katamon

Arab man walking with two Jewish friends in the capital is set upon by a group of Jewish teenagers who begin beating him.

Jerusalem brawl 370 (photo credit: Avraham Bergman, News 24)
Jerusalem brawl 370
(photo credit: Avraham Bergman, News 24)
A group of Jewish youths assaulted an Arab man in Jerusalem's Katamon neighborhood on Wednesday night, coming against the backdrop of a number of violent racial incidents in the capital city recently.
According to police, the Arab man, around 20 years old, was walking with a male Jewish friend and an inebriated female Jewish friend, when he was set upon by a group Jews, all around 15 years old. The group ignored the victim's friends, and instead attacked only the Arab youth.
Police opened an investigation into the incident but had yet to arrest any of the perpetrators.
The incident came less than a month after a group of Jews beat a 17-year-old Arab boy, leaving him in critical condition, in an incident which shocked the capital.
The same week, Jewish assailants firebombed a Palestinian taxi near the settlement of Bat Ayin, wounding six members of one family, including two children.
The racial violence roused sharp condemnation from across the political spectrum.