Livnat: My nephew was murdered in cold blood

"It was a murder, not just an incident," Culture and Sports minister explains; Nablus leader claims worshipers provoked Palestinian Police.

limor livnat 311 (photo credit: Haim Tzach)
limor livnat 311
(photo credit: Haim Tzach)
Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat discussed Sunday's shooting at Joseph's Tomb, in which her nephew was killed, in an interview with Israel Radio on Sunday.
"It was a murder, not just an incident," Livnat said. "My nephew and his friends were shot in cold blood."
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Livnat's nephew, Ben-Yosef Livnat, was killed by a Palestinian policeman at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus. Livnat was laid to rest at the Mount of Olives cemetary later that day.
"They were not armed, they were shot just because they came to pray at Joseph's Tomb," she added.
Livnat also said that the IDF's investigation of the shooting is not complete, and that Defense Minister Ehud Barak also called it a murder.
Nablus leader Gibreel El-Bakri claimed that the worshipers at Joseph's Tomb provoked Palestinian Police officers into shooting them.
El-Bakri told Army Radio that Sunday's shooting, which resulted in the death of Ben Yosef Livnat, occurred after he and other worshipers attempted to steal weapons from Palestinian policemen.