Man charged with killing wife in front of daughter

52-year-old allegedly shoots wife twice in family car because she wanted a divorce; suspect claims it was an accident.

New Lod District Court 370 (photo credit: Yonah Jeremy Bob)
New Lod District Court 370
(photo credit: Yonah Jeremy Bob)
The Central District State Attorney’s Office on Friday indicted security guard from Rosh Ha’ayin for allegedly shooting his wife to death in front of their 14-year-old daughter last month.
The indictment was partly based on testimony from the couple’s daughter who allegedly witnessed her father shoot her mother in the family car.
The suspect, 52, continued to contend that he had not meant to shoot his wife and that the two bullets that struck her in the head had been discharged by accident.
According to the indictment, “the suspect, who possessed a handgun from his job as a security guard, was unhappy that the victim wanted a divorce from him. When he realized that she did not intend to go back to him and that her desire to separate was final, he made the decision to kill her.”
The indictment describes the hours that proceeded the alleged murder: The suspect called his wife and asked her to pick him up in the car that they shared. During the ride she allegedly to calm him and convince him that a divorce would benefit both of them.
The suspect eventually told her to pull over so he could get out of the car. He then allegedly grabbed the woman’s head and fired one shot at her from close range, screaming “You damned woman.” The couple’s daughter than fled the vehicle.
According to the indictment, the suspect checked his wife’s pulse, realized she was still alive and fired another shot at her.
Prosecutors requested from the court that the suspect be remanded to custody for the duration of legal proceedings against him.
Ben Hartman contributed to this report.