Man stabs Arab for ‘looking at my sister’

Netanya resident confesses to following, stabbing construction worker; suspect's remand extended through end of legal proceedings.

police arrest handcuffs suspect cops criminal 311 (R) (photo credit: Benoit Tessier / Reuters)
police arrest handcuffs suspect cops criminal 311 (R)
(photo credit: Benoit Tessier / Reuters)
A resident of Netanya was arrested by police on suspicion of stabbing a 23- year-old Palestinian construction worker “because he gazed at his sister flirtatiously,” police said on Wednesday.
Following the stabbing, officers from the Sharon police subdistrict set up an intensive investigation team to track down the suspect, who fled immediately after the stabbing.
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The investigation led to a suspect, who was arrested on June 20, although the arrest was not reported due to a media ban, which was lifted on Wednesday.
“He gazed at my sister flirtatiously and followed her,” the suspect told officers during questioning, police said.
On the day of the stabbing, the suspect came up to the victim on the street and repeatedly attacked him with a knife, according to police.
The Palestinian man was rushed to the Laniado Medical Center in Netanya.
On Tuesday, the victim was released from hospital and provided police with testimony on the assault.
“The suspect has tied himself to the suspicions against him. In next few days, the case will be transferred to central district state prosecutors for examination and an indictment,” police said.
The suspect will be kept in custody until the end of proceedings, police added.
“All members of the public are equal before the law, and police will continue to act with determination against those who seek to violate it,” police said in a statement.