Politicians celebrate end of Pessah at Mimouna

At Moroccan celebration to herald Pessah's end, politicians eat traditional moufleta pastry and reach out to North African community.

Israelis gather to buy pita after Pessah
Tzipi Livni celebrating Mimouna
Binyamin Ben Eliezer celebrating Minouna
Eliezer and Herzog celebrating Minouna
President Shimon Peres celebrating Minouna
Peres, Barkat and Amar celebrating Minouna
Peres, Barkat and Amar celebrating Minouna
Netanyahu celebrating Mimouna
Politicians from left, right and center put aside their political differences Monday evening to join in the traditional Moroccan celebration of Mimouna marking the end of Pessah and the beginning of spring.
During Mimouna, revelers feast on moufleta, an oil-rich crepe that serves as the first hametz to be eaten following the holiday. The Mimouna festival has evolved into an opportunity to acknowledge and honor Israel's Moroccan community, and Moroccan activists mark the event by hosting politicians in their homes.
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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu attended a Mimouna celebration in Or Akiva. President Shimon Peres was the guest of honor at Jerusalem's main Mimouna festivity, attended by Mayor Nir Barkat and Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar.
Labor MK Isaac Herzog, who is running for head of the Labor party, said at the World Federation of Moroccan Jewry's Mimouna celebration in Rehovot that "Mimouna must be declared an official, national holiday." Earlier this month, Haaretz published a racist quote attributed to Herzog in a WikiLeaks document, claiming that he called MK Amir Peretz "aggressive, inexperienced and Moroccan," but that Labor's list for the Knesset had Ashkenazim that balanced out the Sephardim.
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