Prosecutors use DNA match to indict man for attempted rape

Suspect arrested after police DNA database shows alleged match with attacker - years after the assaults occurred.

Suspect in court judge handcuffs arrest hearing 311 (photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
Suspect in court judge handcuffs arrest hearing 311
(photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
State prosecutors say the DNA profile of a suspect helped lead to his indictment on Wednesday on allegations of indecent assault and attempted rape.
The two attacks took place in 2007 and 2008, but both victims did not know the identity of their attacker and police did not arrest any suspect until two weeks ago, when they found an alleged match between a sample taken from one of the victims and the defendant, whose identity is subject to a media gag order.The court has also forbidden publication of any details of the two victims, including their places of residence.
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The first attack took place in April 2007 as the victim took her daily walk along a dirt road near her home.
According to the indictment, the victim came across the defendant, who was wearing only his underpants and a tank top. As she tried to walked past him, the defendant allegedly grabbed her and threatened to rape her if she attempted to escape.
The defendant is then alleged to have molested the victim, ordered her to perform a sex act on him, and forced her to do so when she refused, the indictment charges.
The second victim was attacked in January 2008 while taking her daily walk on a dirt track in a location close to the scene of the first attack.
This time, the indictment alleges, the defendant was naked, apart from a pair of sneakers and a shirt wrapped around his head to hide his face.
When she saw the defendant, the second victim became frightened and began to run, but the defendant gave chase and caught her, pushing her to the ground, again according to the indictment.
The defendant allegedly grabbed the woman’s head, forced it to the ground while removing her clothes, and then hit her on the head with a cellphone.
The defendant then attempted to rape the second victim, the indictment alleges, even as she fought and screamed. Police later took a sample of the attacker’s DNA from the second victim.
Along with the indictment, the State Attorney’s Office also filed a request that the defendant be remanded in custody for the duration of the legal proceedings against him.
The Central District Court will convene on January 2 to hear the case for the defendant’s remand, and he will be formally arraigned on the same day.