Riots rage after Jewish suspects arrested in investigation of murdered Palestinian boy

Hundreds of Palestinians try to block traffic, cause closing of Route 70 and clash with police in Tamra as security forces work to contain the violence.

Riots in Tamra (photo credit: REUTERS)
Riots in Tamra
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Rioting continued in the Arab sector on Sunday, with clashes and dozens of arrests in the Northern District.
Northern District police said Monday that around 100 protesters rioted in Nazareth, Israel’s largest Arab city, throwing rocks at security personnel. During the clashes 14 people were arrested.
Elsewhere in the district, rock throwers rioted at the Tamra junction, before they were dispersed by police.
In the Coastal District, police reported that three Palestinians from the West Bank in Hadera with valid work permits were set upon and attacked by a crowd of assailants who fled the scene, evading arrest.
The protests were markedly more lowkey than the days before, in particular Friday, during which rioting broke out across Israel, particularly in the towns of the Triangle in the Central District, where a Jewish motorist was pulled from his car which was then set alight.
On Monday Sharon region police did not report any protests or rock throwing in the Triangle.
The riots broke out last Wednesday, following news that a teenage Palestinian boy from Shuafat was kidnapped and found murdered in the Jerusalem Forest.
On Sunday, after news broke that a group of Jewish Israelis were arrested for the murder, the riots did not return to the ferocity seen over the weekend.