Tel Aviv, Center see most of weekend downpours

Tel Aviv gets one third of yearly rainfall in a week; unseasonable cold to continue, snow expected on Mount Hermon.

Rain in Tel Aviv 311 (photo credit: JOANNA PARASZCZUK)
Rain in Tel Aviv 311
(photo credit: JOANNA PARASZCZUK)
Unseasonably strong rainfall continued to fall on Tel Aviv and the Central on Saturday after the area had already received a third of its yearly rainfall in the past week.

While central Israel saw the heaviest rainfall, showers were reported from the North to the Negev.The rain was expected to continue throughout Saturday and Sunday, according to the Israel Meteorological Service.
The first snow on Mount Hermon had not yet been seen as of Saturday, but snow was expected with the unseasonable cold continuing. Hail, which fell on Wednesday evening in Jerusalem, was also a possibility in other parts of the country.RELATED:
TA says drainage system good as rain floods streetsThe Israel Meteorological Service warned that swimming in the Mediterranean Sea remained dangerous due to high waves. There was also a risk of flash floods in the Judean Desert and Jordan Valley, as well as along the coast in low-lying areas.Temperatures were expected to rise slightly on Monday with isolated rain continuing until noon.