Winter continues to evade Israel, locals head for beach

Tel Aviv weather forecast reaches upper twenties; extreme drought still plaguing entire region.

Summer beach 370 (photo credit: GPO)
Summer beach 370
(photo credit: GPO)
Tel Aviv's forecast indicates that temperatures will reach twenty-five degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) on Friday with surrounding areas reaching as high as twenty-eight.
The warm weather and clear skies have been prevalent for the past two months in what is supposed to be Israel's rainy season. Israel's beach-going population has wasted no time in taking advantage of this weather, with many expected to be heading for the beach this weekend and thousands of others planning outings in the country's national parks.
People, though, are not the only ones to be taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather. Last month, dry conditions confused snakes, which usually hibernate during the winter and wake up in the spring. Because of the higher temperatures, some venomous snakes have come out of their hiding places prematurely, posing dangers to those who get too close.
Israel is also currently experiencing an unprecedented drought – so extreme that such conditions this time of year have never been documented, according to the Water Authority.
Ongoing dry weather conditions are not only afflicting Israel right now, but also all of the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Water Authority emphasized. For other areas with similar climates, such as Australia, China, Arizona, Texas, and California, this has also been an extreme drought year thus far, the authority added. California, for example, recently announced drastic cuts in water supplies for agriculture and is examining the possibility of limiting water to other sectors.
Still, for now, Israelis on the country's coast are taking advantage of the summer-in-winter weather and catching all the sun they can.
Sharon Udasin contributed to this article.