Beach pleasures

Seatara specializes in seaside sophistication.

Seatara restaurant  (photo credit: PR)
Seatara restaurant
(photo credit: PR)
For those looking for a sophisticated and romantic nightlife dining experience overlooking the sea, Seatara comes well recommended. Located in Sea & Sun, the upscale residential complex on the northernmost beach of Tel Aviv, Seatara exudes Tel Aviv celebrity style, but the clientele is very eclectic, with young couples, families and groups.
There’s something in the decor that evokes a warm Tuscan vibe. The large dining area features an enclosed terrace whose large plate glass windows overlook the sea. And in the light and airy main dining space, the tables are set far enough apart to provide a sense of privacy.
Both Hebrew and English menus are available, and the day’s specials are detailed by attentive waiters. We perused the menu, which is minimal and interesting. Renowned for the quality of its selected beef, the restaurant also offers fish, chicken and vegetarian dishes.
Anticipating a big meal ahead of us, we announced our intentions to forgo the homemade bread basket (NIS 22) and wait for the “real food.” But it proved impossible – the bread was so fresh and tasty, it was too tempting to pass up.
Then came our appetizers. We started with the endive salad (NIS 54).
Consisting of almonds, nectarine and Italian Gorgonzola with a cherry vinaigrette dressing, it was very complex, with all the flavors working very well together. A nice, light starter that I would highly recommend. This was followed by the artichoke alla Romana (NIS 59). Slightly charred and smoky, the tender artichoke leaves and stems were delicious dipped in the ailoi sour cream that came with.
After a bit of a breather, we were presented with our mains. They consisted of beef fillet (NIS 170) on top of onion cream, spinach with nutmeg, beef gravy. It was divine. The meat had a lovely crust from the searing process but was completely pink all the way through and warmed through as well. As you cut into it, the meat fell apart on the knife and slowly melted and disintegrated on the tongue. What can I say about the main course other than it was perfect.
My dining partner opted for the sea bream fillet á la plancha (NIS 128).
Served with asparagus, grilled potatoes and a lemon, za’atar and butter sauce, the fish was very flavorful and cooked perfectly.
Unfortunately, we didn’t sample the desserts because to continue eating at that point seemed pure gluttony. But the creme brulee and malabi both caught my eye going by.
Seatara is a little on the expensive side, but you can expect such prices at a specialty restaurant with guaranteed top-quality ingredients and excellent service.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Not kosher
8 Herzl Rosenblum Street, Sea & Sun, Tel Aviv
Tel: (03) 699-6633