Dining: Breakfast on the terrace

The Dan hotel chain is offering a Friday morning summer special.

The Dan hotel chain is offering a Friday morning summer special. (photo credit: PR)
The Dan hotel chain is offering a Friday morning summer special.
(photo credit: PR)
What could be lovelier than sitting on a spacious terrace on a Friday morning, surrounded by trees and flowers, and being served an elegant repast replete with linen napkins, fine china and sterling silverware? Not much, I can tell you.
For anyone who would like to spend a leisurely Friday morning having breakfast in an idyllic environment in Jerusalem, the King David Hotel is literally the address.
This summer, the iconic hotel is offering a breakfast special at its King’s Garden Restaurant, which has both indoor and outdoor seating.
In fact, the entire Dan chain is offering the Friday morning special at the hotels’ restaurants. For the allinclusive price of NIS 97, the menu provides an array of set items, as well as a few personal choices. The meal is served from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
The morning my dining companion and I went to breakfast at the King David, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and all was well with the world.
Seated on the terrace at a table overlooking the pool area, we began our royal feast. It started with a Mimosa cocktail – a glass of champagne mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice. For an extra NIS 38, one could keep them coming throughout the meal. But one was enough for me.
We first ordered coffee, which was rich and delicious. Then came a basket of fresh crusty bread, served with butter and jams, and a plate of croissants, both plain and chocolate filled. A variety of freshly squeezed juices was also on offer.
There was a choice of fish, but we were served a small sampling of each: herring, smoked salmon and tuna salad. I am not a big fish fan, so I tasted only the little mound of tuna salad, which was as good as it could be for tuna and mayonnaise. My companion said the lox and the herring were fresh and flavorful.
As we contemplated what to order as our egg dish, more of the breakfast items were brought to the table to please our palates. There was plate of wonderfully fresh cheeses such as Brie and Camembert; an Israeli salad of diced tomato and cucumber; and we each received a large bowl of yogurt topped with a generous helping of muesli and diced fresh and dried fruit. Great.
For the egg course, the menu offered a choice of Eggs Norway with smoked salmon; an omelet with a selection of fillings; scrambled eggs with a variety of extras; and French toast. I may not be a fish fan, but I love eggs. I could eat them every day. So I ordered one of my favorites: an omelet with cheese and mushrooms. My friend ordered the Eggs Norway, which I had not even considered, as it was made with smoked salmon. Well, that will teach me not to summarily write off a dish before I ask about it.
Turns out that Eggs Norway is essentially a form of Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. The dish was a beautiful combination of two poached eggs on toast and a slice of smoked salmon, topped with a rich Hollandaise sauce, which my friend could not stop raving about.
Had I known that, I definitely would have ordered it -- without the smoked salmon. My omelet was fine, but it could have used more cheese and more flavor.
Forewarned is forearmed, and I will certainly order the Eggs Norway next time.
And there will definitely be a next time. It was such a lovely meal, set in such lovely surroundings, that we sat there for so long, it was almost lunch time. The meal was so satisfying that I never even got to taste the croissants, but I ordered a cup of iced coffee, and that really hit the spot.
The service was friendly and attentive, the meal was ideal, and the atmosphere of omnipresent opulence was elegant and refined.
For anyone who wants to treat oneself to a marvelous Friday morning in a magnificent milieu this summer, I would highly recommend breakfast on the terrace of the King David Hotel – or a Dan hotel near you.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
The King’s Garden Restaurant
King David Hotel
23 King David Street, Jerusalem