Charming trend goes Israeli

Some things never go out of fashion.

Charming Trend Goes Israeli (photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
Charming Trend Goes Israeli
(photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
Charm bracelets are not so new,
but the humble trinkets are making a come back and they are more visible than ever. Partnering with online stores, Israeli designers are reaching customers around the world with new designs featuring religious, Zionist, and historical symbols.

Did you know that story of charm bracelets stem from pre-historic superstitions?

Our early ancestors wore charms in the form of amulets or talismans to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. Traditionally made from stones, shells, gems and animal bones, charms became a symbol of faith and even worn for identification according to personal beliefs.

So are charm bracelets actually a pagan tradition? Not exactly, since Jews also wore amulets and charms for nearly as long as Judaism existed. It's simple - charms were popular jewelry for ancient times and for today, featuring symbols important to the wearer. In ancient times, Jews wore religious passages and Christians wore fish charms.




As time went on, charm bracelets became a way for people to express emotions and display personal affiliations. Tiffany & Co. created the "first" modern era commercial charm bracelet in 1889; their iconic single heart charm bracelet has now become their famous branding symbol.

Israeli fashion, of course, has its finger on the pulse of world trends, which is why you can now buy charms featuring themes themes like the Israeli flag, Israeli art, and Jerusalem menorahs to wear on your wrist. Israeli jewelry designers know their market and have begun to create unique charms with Christian, Jewish and other religious themes. 

But how do their designs make it around the world? The internet.

"People around the world enjoy our beautifully crafted symbolic charms," says Arik Barel, CEO JWG, an e-commerce group. "Of our , the hottest for Jews and Christians alike is the 10 Commandments"


JWG's sells Christian-oriented charms like The Star of Bethlehem, Glimmering Eilat Stone Jerusalem Crosses, and other Christian symbols from Israel. In JWG's Judaica shop, Judaica Webstore, one of the bestselling beads is the “Shema” prayer bead charm.


Israel's supporters are cheering with symbols of Israel waving around on their charm bracelets, thanks to new designs celebrating Israel and Zionism. “Customers from so many different backgrounds, religions, and nationalities order pro-Israel beads – it’s inspiring and touching to know that our flag [Israeli] will be seen around the world,” said Barel.

The incredibly detailed and exquisite Masada charm, depicting Masada in deeply ridged silver is a stand-out of Israeli design innovation.The incredibly detailed and exquisite Masada charm, depicting Masada in deeply ridged silver is a stand-out of Israeli design innovation.



Charm bracelets are a personal and visual piece of conceptual and artistic jewelry, which can eventually become a meaningful and enriching family heirloom. For anyone who is Jewish or loves Israel, these new designs give the opportunity to bring a whole new set of designs - celebrating the Judaic religions, Zionism, and Israeli history. Israeli designers, partnered with online stores, are bringing these designs around the world. If you’re a fan of charm bracelets or know someone who is, you won’t want to miss having a look at these charming new designs.