Feet first

The Clearance line of products is designed to provide efficient solutions with the use of advanced technologies and effective ingredients.

The Clearance line of products (photo credit: PR)
The Clearance line of products
(photo credit: PR)
"Years of research and development in the field of aesthetics of hands and feet, with the collaboration of leading chemists and professionals in the industry, has led us to the development of a series of products that have changed the culture of medical pedicure and manicure in the world." This ambitious statement, which appears on the homepage of the Clearance Nail Solutions website, was reason enough to try the products. To properly experience them, I surrendered my feet to the very capable hands of the pedicurist at Yullia beauty centers on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, where they use these products in what they call the Medical Pedicure.
Using the professional line of Clearance products, the therapist gave her utmost attention to my feet for almost an hour, causing no pain or discomfort. The results were stunning. The company’s series of products for home use, I was told, allows for following up on and completing the results of the professional treatment.
Addressing common problems such as nail fungus and eczema of hands and feet, dry and cracked skin, weak and brittle nails and prevention of pigmentation and other signs of sun damage, the treatment includes the use of antiseptic soap, removal of calluses and hard skin with an eliminator that dissolves the hard skin on the soles before rubbing the feet with a stone cuticle remover to reveal clean and healthy nails, and then a peeling cream.
The home products include nail fungus oil, nail strengthening solution, a double-sided rasp, highly effective foot and hand creams (NIS 89 to NIS 129), a pumice stone (NIS 19.90) that removes hard skin and stains from hands, feet and elbows, and a special soap.
The treatment is recommended for people suffering from diabetes and has been approved by the Diabetes Association and the Health Ministry.
The products are available at licensed centers. For more information, visit www.clearance.co.il (go to the Hebrew section for locations on a map).