In Pictures: Good Night Shuk HaCarmel

The famous Tel Aviv market offers a glimpse into the lives of Israel's merchant class.

Shuk HaCarmel after dark (photo credit: MAGALI DRUSCOVICH)
Shuk HaCarmel after dark
(photo credit: MAGALI DRUSCOVICH)
When the windows are shut and tourists head back to their hotels and guest houses, the famous Tel Aviv market, Shuk HaCarmel can relax. Good night lights, good night bright colors; until the market place reopens the following day.

Shuk HaCarmel after dark

Last sales before closing

19:00 and the local's start to close

Merchants throw away fruit, trash in the streets - tomorrow brings a new day

Streets of the shuk covered in trash

Shuk scenes

Merchants store their remaining merchandise behind the main streets

Work items

20:30 and a few remaining businesses stay open to sift through what they can use again tomorrow

Taking a break before continuing with street cleaning

Once the trash is cleared, water will be used to wash the day away

A dumpster arrives to remove garbage at the end of the day

Allenby and HaCarmel

Goodnight Shuk HaCarmel