Israel wishes a sweet Rosh Hashana to the soldiers defending the land of milk and honey

Two tons of honey and 15 tons of apples, the signature holiday food, will be given to soldiers throughout Rosh Hashana.

Israeli soldiers share an apple (photo credit: REUTERS)
Israeli soldiers share an apple
(photo credit: REUTERS)
After seven weeks of incessant sirens and a summer dominated by the Gaza war, the IDF is switching gears.
Rosh Hashana falls on Wednesday and preparations are underway for the dinner celebrations of one Jewish tradition's biggest nights.
IDF soldiers and commanders across the nation's many bases and military posts will enjoy 60 tons of meat and fish, 18 tons of turkey, 14 tons of chicken, over 100,000 shnitzels and 12 tons of barbeque meat including burgers and meatballs.
Another holiday favorite? Two tons of baked filled pastries known as bourekas. The soldiers will also ring in the Jewish new year with two tons of honey and 15 tons of apples.
IDF soldiers will also enjoy pomegranates, dried fruits and vegetables.
And for desert? Oh, just eight tons of rich honey cake.
The IDF wishes its soldiers commanders reservist forces and their families and other all of Israel in Israel and the world - a hppy Ne year.   
At an event in honor of Rosh Hashana at the Prime Minister’s Office Monday, Netanyahu said: “We always need to defend ourselves. That was and remains our first and greatest goal, because everything else is possible because of our security.”
Netanyahu said any responsible leader would not increase the defense budget in light of the many threats Israel faces, calling for a “significant increase of many billions.”