It's not polite to point, web teaches Netanyahu

PM Benjamin Netanyahu went to a soccer game Sunday night and caused the internet to erupt in laughter.

Meme making fun of PM Netanyhau (photo credit: SOCIAL MEDIA)
Meme making fun of PM Netanyhau
(photo credit: SOCIAL MEDIA)
On Sunday night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to a soccer game and pointed.
This simple act set the internet alight with laughter. Users across social media created memes mocking the prime minister as he took a few hours away from the embattled world of politics to watch Israel's national team beat Bosnia-Herzegovina in the Euro 2016 match at Sammy Ofer stadium in Haifa.
Prior to the match, Netanyahu, who is an avid doodler, posted a drawing of a soccer player next to a goal with the caption  "Good luck tonight to our team!"
The drawing was quickly ridiculed by a couple of netizens. Twitter user Lucy responded by drawing a player holding up an empty plate and wrote "Good luck tonight to our hungry citizens!"

In another response to the drawing, Facebook user Orit Kopel grimly dressed up a player as an ISIS terrorist using a beheaded captive's head as the soccer ball.
by Orit Kopel.
Channel 2 News's political correspondent Amit Segal later tweeted "Bibi at the stadium. Let's announce the elections and get it over with."

Artist Amir Schiby  wrote "Hail caesar!" along with a picture of Netanyahu, wearing a laurel wreath, overlooking a bloody gladiator arena.
Inspired by pop culture, Rafael Saban put Netanyahu into the famous E.T. scene, while Idan Birenberg went classic with Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam. Gal Tadmor went trashy with Kim Kardashian's Internet-breaking buttocks.
Lastly, Facebook funny guy Ivgeni Zarubinski portrayed Netanyahu casting a finger-shaped shadow over the upper lip of Minister of Finance Yair Lapid, who was also at the stadium wearing a blue and white cowboy hat.
It was mocking another viral hit that happened after Netanyahu inadvertently yet notoriously cast a shadow over German Chancellor Angela Merkel's face during her visit to Jerusalem earlier this year.