Jimmy Kimmel plays a game: Hispster or Hasidic? Can you guess?

"There is more facial hair here than almost anywhere," late-night funny man says.

Hipster or Hasidic from Jimmy Kimmel Live
Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel played a game on his show last week called Hispter or Hasidic where his audience was asked to guess the group individuals belonged to just by looking at their beards.
"Between the hispster community and the hasidic community here in Brooklyn, Brooklyn is by far the most bearded spot in New York," Kimmel said at the start of the spot.
"There is more facial hair here than almost anywhere and we thought it would be fun to play a game, it's time to play hipster or hasidic."
The camera zoomed in on the mouths of bearded men on the streets of Brooklyn asking the audience whether the man is an ultra-Orthodox Jew or a bohemian urban taste-maker.
The show, which is usually filmed in Hollywood California, traveled in October to Brooklyn for a week of filming. 
"I'm kind of both," one of the subjects of the sketch said, identifying himself as a "hipsidic."