Mix and match

Thin and plus-size models shared the runway at a recent Hamashbir Lazarchan fashion show.

Hamashbir Lazarchan fashion show (photo credit: Courtesy)
Hamashbir Lazarchan fashion show
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Fashion show attendees are used to a certain type of runway presentation.
Ultra-thin girls in perfect makeup and buff young men almost always serve as the walking showcases for a label’s or a designer’s creations. Although the recent Hamashbir Lazarchan fashion show began in such a way, it turned out that there were a few tricks up the department store’s sleeve.
As a jazzed-out version of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” piped through the speakers, three plus-size models replaced their slimmer counterparts.
The choice to put size 00 and size 12 models on the same runway was made as a statement. As one of the leading chains in Israel, Hamashbir Lazarchan caters to women of all ages, shapes and sizes and, as such, so did the fashion show.
This winter, Hamashbir will feature three Spanish brands – Trucco, Springfield and Punt Roma.
The Punt Roma garments are divided into two collections. The casual line is inspired by current trends in international fashion, while the an evening collection is drawn from the colors and textures of the Persian Empire. These lines offer options for every time of day and level of attire, from office to home to evening attire.
Trucco’s fall/winter collection is divided into three categories: The Tropical Collection, The Paul Klee Collection and Instinct Animal. Each line has a singular color story with prints and solids to match. Trucco caters to women who like classic lines with a bit of edge.
Springfield, which caters to the youngest clientele of the three labels, put together a fresh and fun collection for Fall 2014. The main elements in this line are denim, graphic T-shirts, knitwear, bomber and motorcycle jackets and updated sweatshirts.
All these collections are available at Hamashbir Lazarchan.
Prices run from NIS 99 for basics to NIS 699 for outerwear.
For more information, visit www.mashbir.co.il.