Watch: Mossad launches new site and recruitment campaign

New site sports quality videos with testimonies from agency employees on sleek website easily accessible to the public.

New Mossad recruitment video campaign
The Mossad unveiled a recruitment website on Monday aimed at attracting candidates who may not otherwise be aware of the wide range of roles they could apply for in the intelligence agency.
Such roles include core operational duties, intelligence gathering, technology-based roles, cyber jobs and working at the agency’s headquarters.
Mossad director Tamir Pardo said, “We must continue recruiting the best minds in the country so that we can deal with the big threats against the State of Israel at this time.” He added that Israel faces tangible threats on a daily basis.
“The human capital and the quality of the Mossad are the secrets to the organization’s success. The Mossad will continue to operate in every place and time in order to safeguard the State of Israel’s security,” he said.
The website has created four central job categories: Operations, Intelligence, Technological role and Cyber. It is available in Hebrew, English, French, Russian, Arabic and Persian.
The Mossad’s traditional website receives thousands of applications a year, with growing numbers of requests received in recent years, the Prime Minister’s Office said. Many seek to join core operational units, and some applicants come from the worlds of hi-tech, law, business and medicine. The Prime Minister’s Office described such applicants as people “who have decided to turn to an additional challenge in life.”
“The recruitment process to the organization is complex and unique, and due to the nature of things, we cannot provide details about it,” the Prime Minister’s Office said.
“The Mossad Internet site is accessible in various languages and can be accessed from smartphones,” it added.