Amazon agrees to remove products with image of blood splattered Israeli flag

Products being sold with the image of a bloody Israeli flag will be removed from the site said Amazon.

Available on Amazon: Blood splatterd Israeli flag products (photo credit: AMAZON)
Available on Amazon: Blood splatterd Israeli flag products
(photo credit: AMAZON) Inc., the American- based international online retail giant, has removed a blood-spattered Israeli flag available emblazoned on a shower curtain, cell phone cover, welcome mat, mouse pad, umbrella, or pillow throw from its website after drawing the opprobrium of its customers, who likened the products to Holocaust-era anti-Semitism.
The price of the goods ranged from $7.99 for the mouse pad, to $34.99 for the “100% polyester waterproof bathroom shower curtain.”
Following the products’ listing, Amazon customers contacted the website to express their displeasure and called for their immediate removal from the site.
“This item is appalling and extremely offensive,” wrote one user. “It should not be permitted to be sold anywhere! It promotes hate and violence. Amazon.
com should reexamine the items being sold on their websites,” another customer wrote, referring to the company’s main website and the number of international websites it also operates.
Others called the sale of the blood-spattered products “pure anti-Semitism,” claiming that Amazon was playing a part in reviving Holocaust- era anti-Semitic sentiment.
“So now Amazon has turned to politics and anti-Semitism? Shameful, what next? The head of a Jew for 50 cents? Maybe a small gas chamber model with a special button upon pressing it you can hear the Jewish victim cry?” another disgruntled customer wrote.
The products were available through third-party sellers hosted on the Amazon.
com website and could not be shipped to Israel.
One customer who contacted Amazon’s online customer service to complain received the following response: “We have already removed the listing that is directly sold by Amazon.
Currently the [other] items are sold by third party sellers. I will definitely report this seller to our investigation team. The third party seller’s listing will be removed from our website.”
No official statement about the products has been released by Amazon.