Sara Netanyahu tells JPost: My husband is a hero of the Jewish people and the free world

Naomi Ragen sits down for a one-on-one with the woman the press loves to hate, painting a very different picture than the one usually portrayed in the media.

After years of media vilification of the prime minister's wife, Sara Netanyahu, international bestselling author and Jerusalem Post contributor Naomi Ragen sat down for a one-on-one with the woman the press loves to hate. 
In the interview, which will be published on over the weekend, Ragen paints a very different picture than the one the media usually portrays, of a very human wife, mother and educational psychologist.
She counters claims that she influences her husbands decisions, attributing it to: "this elitist, chauvinistic attitude that blames the woman, says everything must be the woman’s fault. It’s a very sexist attitude – a deliberate attempt to degrade the wife of the prime minister in her natural role as his partner and helpmate.”
As to the public image of her as a haughty, wasteful spendthrift, who abuses household help, is extravagant with public money and parsimonious with her own, she has no hesitation regarding its root: “There is one man behind it: Noni [Arnon] Mozes.”
Netanyahu also discusses what it's like to be married to the Israeli prime minister: "He’s a hero not only of the Jewish people, but of people everywhere who feel themselves part of the free world, people who oppose the horrors that Islamic State is inflicting and Iran’s nuclear plans. I see my relationship with him as a great responsibility."
Read the full interview in Friday's Jerusalem Post Magazine.