This guy went to a museum and actually lived history

Ok, so he didn't actually live history, but using tech du jour 'Snapchat', he managed to put his face on some famous historic artifacts.

Egyptian Faceswap 11 (photo credit: IMGUR: JAKEMARSHALL91)
Egyptian Faceswap 11
(photo credit: IMGUR: JAKEMARSHALL91)
imgur user JakeMarshall91 came up with the most innovative way of using one of today's most popular technologies, the smartphone application, 'Snapchat'. One of the settings called Faceswap has become very popular with users and allows you to swap your face with another.
No one said it had to be another person though.
People have been known to swap faces with babies, animals and now ancient statues!
Scroll down to see the variety of faces that this savvy user has managed to swap with.

Just in time for Passover, this Egyptian Sphinx looks a bit more lifelike than expected.