Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of July 24, 2015

Tip for the week: Creative energy high this week, so stop procrastinating and get to work!

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
The time has come to make amends…either with you, or with someone else. You know. If you have already made peace with this person, enough said. But, if not you still have time and then move on. Your relationship with an earth sign is far more pleasant right now and any work you do together will be profitable and enjoyable.
HINT: When speaking with a Leo, remember that this person really wants to help, so don’t be afraid to say what is on your mind and in your heart.
Everything seems to be moving at leaps and bounds these days and by the end of the week you will need to take a step back in order to absorb and re-organize. Your partner and/or mate continues to stand solidly by your side and after a little brainstorming things quickly fall into place. Financially you have a way to go until you reach the point you have set for yourself in the bank.
You will get there, slowly but surely, so don’t worry.
HINT: Not all the people you know are as honest and as kind as you are, so take your time before admitting everyone into your inner circle.
This time you have gone a little too far in your need to be understood. The problem is not that you are misunderstood, rather that few accept your point of view. No sense being angry at everyone. Remember, every time you point a finger at someone three more are pointing back at you! If you take some time to re-examine a troubling situation from the past, you may have the opportunity to rectify it in the coming weeks.
HINT: Always organized, you will not have much trouble locating an important paper or document you have misplaced.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! This is your week to shine.
So brush yourself off, put on your dancing slippers and get out and mingle. By the end of the week you will be ready to settle down and do some serious work. A new project which has been brewing for some time in your thoughts is ready to be taken seriously. Money and financial matter are still not where you would like them to be, so cut back and try not to be so generous.
HINT: Remember, a secret is only a secret as long a no one tells.
Your busy schedule is running down and soon you will have all the time you need in order to work on a personal project which will bring you great joy and satisfaction. You have many ideas and are very creative but for the last few months have had precious little time for yourself and at the end of the day were much too tired to do anything that demanded concentration and creative energy.
Time spent with another water sign will help you both get back in tune as together you make a formidable pair.
HINT: When asked to do yet another thing for a younger member of the family, take a moment to decide what you want. You don’t have to automatically say ‘yes’.
There are not nearly enough hours in the day, but if you manage to wake up early and put in some work at home you will quickly discover that everything falls gently into place. Your partner and/or mate may be too busy this weekend to offer much help but that does not mean they don’t care. They care a great deal. Sunday and Monday are good days for important meetings as you are ready and have done your homework.
HINT: Financially you have everything under control and can afford to splurge a little more than usual this week
Soon you will have all the time you need to rest and relax, but for the time being you have to continue at the crazy pace you have been keeping over the last few weeks if you intend to complete everything on time. Your partner and/or mate is always there to lend a helping hand, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help. A conversation with an older member of your family is just what you need in order to get some balance back into your life, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.
Friday and Saturday may turn out to be a little more hectic than you had anticipated with people suddenly dropping in, so plan accordingly.
No matter how much you long to get away and visit exotic, foreign places you first need to lower your debt and finish some important deals that are waiting for you to handle.
The last month was especially expensive, and even though you planned carefully, you still had to put out more than you expected. Money is on the way, but for the time being your trip to Tahiti needs to wait.
HINT: The final few days of this week are perfect for relaxing at home with your family. It has been far too long since you simple took your shoes off and enjoyed some down time with your loved ones.
This week you are back your old energetic self after so many weeks of taking care of other business you are finally ready to sit quietly and work on a project which is important to you. For the past weeks you have been especially occupied with family business and this is the time for you to put your own needs first even if it means telling a loved one that you are not available. They will do just fine, so don’t feel guilty.
HINT: Financially things are still rather tight, but soon all will improve and you will be back in the black again.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
A conversation with a sibling or perhaps a close neighbor will turn out to be a lot more pleasant than you had imagined as you discover yet another thing you have in common.
This person is quite proud and not prone to reaching out to anyone so if he/she has reached out to you, you can take that as a great compliment. If you are careful with money this week you may end the month without having to dip into your savings.
HINT: Sunday and Monday are your most creative and focused days this week, so plan to spend a little more time behind your desk than usual.
Home, family and friends are uppermost on your list of importance, however, work and work-related issues will cut out a big chunk of the time you had wanted to stay home and relax surrounded by the above people. Never mind.
Work pays the bills and every day you are behind your desk your reputation grows and your knowledge increases.
HINT: Financially you are fine and soon you will be able to make a major purchase which has been eluding you for months and months. When the time is right all the roadblocks will disappear and there will be smooth sailing.
You energy seems to be seeping away as the days progress so if you really want to accomplish something, you will have to wake up early and get to it. A planned trip is quickly approaching and now is the time to double check schedules, passports, money and everything else you would check off of list if you have made one. There is someone in your outer circle of acquaintances who is interested in tightening the friendship.
Take a moment to decide if it is really in your best interest to admit this person into your group of friends.
HINT: Friday is a good day to pamper yourself and your mate.