Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of May 20, 2016

Tip for the Week: The time of waiting is over…make your move!

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
MAY 21-JUNE 21
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! After weeks of indecision and confusion, the path you have been seeking becomes visible and viable and once again you are ready to forge ahead. Not one to sit by idly twiddling your thumbs this period of waiting was filled with moments of insecurity, thoughts of past mistakes and frustration over not feeling in control. Financially you are in a rather sensitive position at the present, but you know what to do and how to attain your goals.
: Sunday and Monday are perfect days for sharing and enjoying the company of your partner and/or mate.
Your thoughts have been centered on old friends and new and even on those who are not with you anymore. This is the week to solidify any friendships you are interested in. You will be pleased to note that over the span of time your relationship has not faded it has mellowed.
Financially things are definitely improving now but you need to keep one eye on the future and save wherever you can. Problems between yourself and your partner and/or mate begin to dissipate as the lines of communication between you are clearing.
HINT: Time spent with a Taurus will be very pleasant.
You have been overly busy these past few weeks and haven’t had much time or patience to deal with projects that demanded serious concentration and devotion to what you considered minor and irritating details. Consequently you have allowed things to slide and this week you cannot procrastinate any longer.
Financially you love pampering those you care for but for the next month or so keep your credit card at home and only use the cash you can afford to spend.
HINT: Your circle of friends is growing stronger.
Things seem to be moving in your favor and during all the weeks of waiting and aggravation you have managed to realize how important the little things are. The people closest to you remained at your side even though there were times they wished you would smile more and shout less. Financially all is well and the little hiatus you took from the world was good for your wallet. This week you are ready and anxious to get back to doing what you do best.
HINT: Take a moment to tell your partner and/or mate how much you appreciate them.
Property and financial matters which are a family matter and not your own personal concern once again need tending to. You may not enjoy the job nor all the people you have to deal with, but your calm, even handedness will work miracles and the transactions will flow much smoother than you anticipate. As the days go by you are so grateful for your partner and/or mate as well as the group of personal and professional friends you have around you.
Time to throw a small party.
A conversation with an earth sign will open your eyes.
When in doubt, trust your intuition.
You don’t need much encouragement to know you are on the right track, but a conversation with an expert or two will solidify your thinking and give you the security you need to make your move. Financially things continue to be a bit stop and go and the delays are making you crazy. Not much you can do to push things along so trust the process and keep busy. When called upon to deal with a family matter, clear your slate as you are stronger when working as a team.
HINT: The end of the week is the best time for you to cut back and relax a bit at home.
On and off; start and go…that is your mantra lately. The good news is that the lines of communication are clear and open this week and now that you are thinking clearer will find the pieces of the puzzle you have been searching for. Your family stands firmly with you and are a constant source of support and pride. Time spent with an earth sign may be rocky but don’t give up. Together you will do great things once you have found your common ground.
HINT: Sunday and Monday are days for taking care of personal business and even pampering yourself.
Sometimes you wish your life was less complicated, but the truth is that you are brilliant at working under pressure and somehow always manage to find a niche of space to reach out to loved ones. This week you will be pleased at what you have already accomplished and are raring to go on a new and even bigger project.
Trust yourself and lean on your partner and/or mate. Although different than you, together you make a perfect team.
HINT: Financially all is under control and you continue to spend according to plan.
You have used the past few weeks to review your life and your plans and although at times you have felt frustrated and a bit insecure, in the long run you are pleased with what you found. This week it is full speed ahead. You have planned well and if there are any surprises ahead they will be pleasant and welcomed.
Financially things are definitely looking up and all those moths of saving will have been worth it.
HINT: Take a little time to pamper yourself and your partner and/or mate who stood solidly by you with good advice and a hug when needed.
This is a wonderful time for signing up for a course of two which may not be professionally profitable, but will definitely be personally enjoyable. Always ready to learn more you are ready to tackle a new project and have the time and money needed. An elderly member of your family continues to demand a bit more time and patience than you have, but there is no one better than you to sooth their worries and make them feel safe.
HINT: Financially you have planned well and will have the money you need when the time comes.
Raring to go, this is your week! You can’t stay idle long and the past couple of weeks have felt like months as you have waited for others to catch up or to come on board. A word of caution…don’t run to fast. Take your time and be aware of your surroundings in order that you don’t overlook something or someone important along the way. Financially things will improve as the weeks progress but that does not give you leeway to overspend. Time spent with another fire sign will be intense so take care that no one gets ‘burned’.
HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are perfect career opportunity days.
Finally you feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted from your shoulders and the feeling of light ness is fabulous.
What a relief to know that all your months of planning and hard work have not been in vain and that you have not erred in your thinking. You have put in the time and now it is your turn to enjoy more. Financially things are definitely looking up and you even have money for buying something special you have been looking at for quite some time.
HINT: Go out with your partner and/or mate to celebrate.