Star catcher: Astrology for the week of November 27, 2015

TIP FOR THE WEEK: For the time being, keep your thoughts to yourself.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
You have a great deal on your mind and if you don’t take a step back in order to gather your thoughts and catch up on some much needed sleep, you will be prone to making costly mistakes. Better a little late than working like mad in order to find, fix and correct. Financially things are moving along albeit a little slower than you had hoped. In the next few weeks all will fall back into place and you will be able to relax.
HINT: Chance of a conversation with a colleague or partner turning into a serious argument. If you wish to clear the air then go for it…if not take a deep breath and walk away.
Don’t waste your time thinking about past mistakes or things you wish you could change. You are not that person any longer and the path you have chosen is the perfect one for you. Believe in yourself and trust your heart. With a little patience al will come to fruition. Financially everything under control and the concern you felt a month or so ago is no longer a problem. Take some time to enjoy the company of your partner and/or mate over the weekend. Life is a lot more fun together.
HINT: A conversation with a fire sign will be very interesting; so arrange a meeting.
After an uncomfortable conversation with a person at work, you will experience a great deal of relief now that you have cleared the slate. With no hard feelings between you, you can begin to arrange some personal meetings, in order to move your plans forward. Financially you are rather stressed, even though your bank balance shows you are doing fine. With some careful budgeting you will have the money you need in the months to come.
HINT: Monday and Tuesday are good days for working together with your partner and/or mate on a project of mutual interest.
You are thinking much clearer now and are able to move ahead toward your ultimate goal.
There are still some glitches along the way which will need attending to, but nothing like the ones you have already conquered. Financially you continue to watch your spending very carefully as prior commitments prevent you from frittering away money irresponsibly. But, you definitely are getting closer to your objective, so relax and trust your intuition.
HINT: Your relationship with your partner and/or mate is a lot more fun as you enjoy working together.
Anxious to move forward, you may have to wait a bit longer as some of the people involved are not yet ready.
Use this time for another personal project which has been waiting for ‘just the right time’.
Financially you have the money you need for a large and rather expensive gift you have been dreaming about.
A conversation with an educator will help you to see things in a much different light as this person has the ability to see the big picture and the talent to share ideas clearly and concisely.
HINT: Use this weekend to catch up on some much needed rest.
Careful with your money, you have begun thinking and planning for a rather important change in your life and may be concerned that you won’t have enough cash when the time comes. Not only will you have the money but you will be pleased with the results of your decision.
Time spent with your partner and/or mate is just what you need to unwind at the beginning of the week. For far too long you have been under pressure at work and appreciate the silence shared in a strong relationship.
HINT: Extremely creative this is a good week for trying something new.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Take the time to sit down and do a little brainstorming with your partner and/ or mate. You both see the problem and together you will discover the solution. An open and honest discussion with someone at work will help to ease the friction you have been feeling over the past few days. Financially you may have to cut back and complete a project or two before attempting anything new. This weekend you will enjoy entertaining at home rather than going out.
HINT: Time spent with a Libra will prove to be a lot more interesting than you had expected.
You may discover that with all that is going on around you, that you find it difficult to relax and focus for any length of time. Take a step back and do things this week which bring you personal pleasure. All forms of hand work, sitting by the sea, playing with young children or sitting in your favorite coffee shop with a dear friend will help you to put things back into perspective. By the last few days of the week you will be ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in once again.
HINT: Financially you are doing much better and can afford to pamper yourself and a dear friend.
You may not be working at full steam, but you are definitely moving forward and enjoying the view at the same time. Work on a project which demands creativity, originality and a sense of humor will occupy most of your spare time this week and will fill your heart with joy. Financially you need to cut back a bit and all will be well. A conversation with a sibling will remind you just how lucky you both are to be so close.
HINT: Choose your words carefully when talking to another fire sign and you will avoid a misunderstanding.
Don’t push your luck, and think twice before blurting out what is on your mind.
It isn’t enough that you may be right, you need to take the other person’s feelings into consideration or you could lose an important friend.
Take some time off during the middle portion of this week to relax and catch up on some extra sleep. You have simply been pushing yourself too hard for too long. Financially you are not satisfied with your situation but for now there is not much you can do to change that.
HINT: Young members of your family turn to you and of course you are always ready to lend a helping hand.
So much is happening in your life right now and you may need to take notes in order to keep everything straight. Financially you haven’t seen the major change you would like to see in your bank balance, but you are finally able to begin putting money aside and there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. A conversation with a sibling will turn to things from your past and both of you will enjoy the trip down memory lane.
HINT: When dealing with an air sign pace yourself and don’t forget to stand up for your rights.
Your time will be spent this week between conversations about finances and thoughts of the past. Don’t waste time dwelling on mistakes made and wondering what ‘would have been if only…’. You are exactly in the place you are supposed to be and have the experience and intelligence to reach your goals. Monday and Tuesday are good days for getting work done and your career is emphasized at this time. When speaking to an expert take what you hear with a grain of salt and trust your intuition.
You too are an expert! HINT: A small gift for your partner and/or mate will make their day.