We took MK Ayelet Shaked out for a 'virtual' drink. What did we find out?

What is the Bayit Yehudi MK proud of and what is she sorry about?

Ayelet Shaked
After winning the top spot on the Bayit Yehudi list behind Nafatli Bennett, Ayelet Shaked is in a position to possibly serve as a minister in Israel's next government. Jpost decided to pick the brain of this political up and comer in an informal Internet chat we call, a "Virtual Drink."
Hi Ayelet, what would you like to drink?
Cola Zero
Tell us about yourself in two or three sentences
Ayelet Shaked, 38 years old. Married to Ofir and mother of two sweet children - Shira and Ori. I work hard and try to combine a demanding career with motherhood.
I founded the organization "My Israel" together with Naftali Bennett, the chairman of Bayit Yehudi, during the last term. I am dedicated to my work, my voters and my family. And I hope to continue to have an influence from the inside.
What are two things you have done in the last two years that you are proud of?
The first is chairing the Knesset committee on haredi enlistment and taking responsibility for leading the enlistment bill. The work in the committee was complicated and it was kind of a work of art. We had to think of both sides, which represent different worlds, and come up with a good applicable bill. I think that we succeeded in creating a good bill and enlistment rose, as did the number of haredim joining the workforce.
I also got a number of laws passed in the last Knesset, most important of which was the "Terrorists Law," which prevents the freeing of those convicted in especially harsh murder cases. This will prevent the future release of terrorists as part of diplomatic agreements, among other things.
Is there anything you're sorry you didn't do?
The Knesset dispersed and I didn't have time to promote, together with my friend Yariv Levin, the bill to change the composition of the committee that selects Supreme Court justices. I hope to continue it in the next Knesset.
Tell us which book/movie/television show you liked recently.
The book The Wallet and the Sword by Professor Daniel Friedman.
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