A lost dog and his favorite TV show

Israel Police help identify missing pet - by letting him sing through the phone to his owner.

Lost Siberian Husky in Israel identified by talent to sing to television theme songs (Israel Police)
When Israeli police officers found a weak and neglected dog at an archeological site outside Beersheba, they were hoping to reunite it with its owners.
The officers brought the Siberian Husky to a police station outside the city and gave it some initial first aid. The officers then called up a man living in Beersheba who had reported a missing dog who matched the description.
The man told the officers that there was a quick and easy way to confirm if the dog they had found was in fact his beloved pet. Just play the theme song to his favorite TV show, "Shemesh" (which went off the air in 2004), the owner said, and see if he sings along.
In a video the Israel Police posted on Facebook Monday, the dog perks up immediately when the officers begin playing the song - and then begins to howl with joy. The owner hurried to the station for an emotional reunion with his dog - who licked his face with joy.
"I cried the whole way here," the man said while embracing his lost pet. "You poor thing," he said, adding to the officers: "Thank you, thank you so much."