Five facts about kissing that might surprise you

Do you know any of these facts about kissing? And will you test them out to check if they're true?

 Silhouette of a couple kissing (illustrative) (photo credit: PEXELS)
Silhouette of a couple kissing (illustrative)
(photo credit: PEXELS)

Do not doubt the value of a kiss: On average, a person spends two weeks of his life kissing. Did you know that in one minute of kissing you can burn 5 calories? 

Well, it may be nothing compared to the number of calories we consume per day, but perhaps the following information will surprise you more: with each kiss we activate no less than 146 muscles. It's quite strange that all of these burn so few calories for us, isn't it?

There are about 20 types of kisses in the world, with the most well-known being the French kiss, also called a "tongue kiss", in which you insert your tongue into the other person's mouth. 

Although diseases such as colds, herpes, and others are transmitted through kissing - studies have shown that kisses are much healthier than people tend to think. The act of kissing releases a large number of white blood cells into our bloodstream to fight pollutants. During the kiss, hormones are also secreted whose role is to relieve pain.

The most useful kiss for long-time couples is actually the "Swedish kiss", in which lips touch each other without tongue contact. In this kiss, as well as in French, most of the population tilts their head to the side (who are you people who kiss at a right angle?). 

 A couple kiss under an umbrella in the rain. (credit: PEXELS) A couple kiss under an umbrella in the rain. (credit: PEXELS)

In the category of "dry" kisses you will find the Eskimo kiss (rubbing noses together), the kiss in the air, the cheek kiss and "Sivafla" - the palm kiss. Kisses, of any kind, help relieve stress and negative energies, so we recommend you find someone to test out your newfound knowledge.