Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill cut from ‘The Flash’ movie but Ezra Miller stays?

The Flash will be one of the most controversial films to hit theaters in 2023 after Ezra Miller was arrested numerous times over the year.

Justice League (photo credit: COURTESY OF GLOBUS MAX)
Justice League
(photo credit: COURTESY OF GLOBUS MAX)

DC Studios reportedly cut Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill from The Flash movie, starring Ezra Miller, and continuing with its plan for the movie despite Miller's multiple legal discretions over the past year.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that both Cavill and Gadot have been removed from their cameos in The Flash, which is expected to hit theaters in June, but instead, DC will be reintroducing fans to different versions of heroes, such as Sasha Calle as Supergirl and Michael Keaton returning as Batman.

Rumors started circulating about Cavill's cameo being cut by Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy director and now DC Studios' newest co-chairman, James Gunn,  after he announced a Superman reboot, starring a younger actor as Superman.

Both Gadot and Cavill were expected to reprise their roles for their own individual movies but both Wonder Woman 3 and Superman were shelved.

US media reported that a full script for Wonder Woman was written by directors Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns and was submitted as a draft. It was apparently not taken very well as it didn't "go along with the plans for the future of DC Studios," and Jenkins had shown no interest in making any changes herself to adapt.

Superman (credit: GARETH SIMPSON/ FLICKR)Superman (credit: GARETH SIMPSON/ FLICKR)

The controversial movie is hitting theaters in June 2023

The Flash will be one of, if not, the most controversial films to hit theatres in 2023 after the lead actor, Ezra Miller, was arrested numerous times over the 2022 year.

Miller has faced many different legal allegations and charges and has been making headlines throughout 2022, and not for The Flash.

Miller was reported to have worn a bulletproof vest and was armed with a gun saying that they were being followed by either the FBI or the Ku Klux Klan.

They also allegedly threatened a woman and her 12-year-old son in Massachusetts. Miller claimed that the child was a "mystical being" and wanted to start a line of clothing with them and buy them horses.

Miller was also arrested twice in Hawaii. They reportedly had a violent clash with people at a karaoke bar, where they were charged with harassment and disorderly conduct. A few weeks later, they were arrested and charged with second-degree assault for another violent incident by throwing a chair and striking a woman in the head. 

In early October, Miller pleaded not guilty to burglary charges in a Vermont court. They were charged with burglary into an occupied home and petit larceny and is facing up to 26 years in prison if convicted of both charges.

After all of this, Miller will still be walking the carpet at the premiere of The Flash in June.