This horrifying clip shows what's really hiding in our food

A TikTok user made a terrible discovery hiding in her broccoli - now we are afraid to check our vegetables.

 Broccoli (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

You have probably been preached to many times by people who claim that you should soak, boil and wash the vegetables and fruits you purchase.

Despite that, the last thing you would expect to find in her bags was piles of bugs - but that's exactly what happened.

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This viral clip uploaded to TikTok by user TovaNN, amassing over 38.3 million views as of Sunday morning, managed to disturb some of the viewers. 

Broccoli horrors

The young woman, who posts under the name @tovanordquist, posted a video showing the horrors found in the broccoli she bought.

In the footage, she is seen with her hand on her forehead as she looks shocked at the vegetables on the plate.

 Broccoli  (credit: PIXAHIVE) Broccoli (credit: PIXAHIVE)

At first glance, you see completely ordinary broccoli florets, but as the camera gets closer, what appears to be a nest of bugs living on her plate comes into view.

She documented what appeared to be at least ten bugs (if not more) inside the broccoli floret - prompting surfers to check their vegetables as well now that they too were horrified by the discovery.

One wrote to her: "I relaxed on the couch for a few minutes just before I got up to prepare dinner in which I planned to include broccoli. Thank you for preventing this from me."

Shani responded: "There are no insects in donuts, just saying." A third joked: "This has never happened with pizza," while another added: "I wonder how many of these I've eaten in my life, God."

There were also some who recommended buying "frozen vegetables next time" instead of fresh ones which would force you to bother boiling them to get rid of all the bugs.

There were also others who wrote that they avoid any vegetable that consists of "florets" because even after a thorough cleaning, boiling, etc., "you don't know what is hidden inside."