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Protein-heavy diet linked to healthier eating choices - study

Researchers from Rutgers University found that even minor increases in protein - from 18% to 20% - have a measurable effect on healthy eating choices.

Diets vs nutrition: Losing weight and being healthy

The numerous fad diets out there might meet your immediate goals but at what cost?


Are grapes healthy for us or simply an expensive treat?

Fruit is one of the best, yet most costly pleasures when summer begins and grapes are a best-seller. We checked health benefits, which color grapes you should buy and calorie count per cluster.

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Man with Hyperhidrosis sweating very badly under armpit

Nine things you didn’t know about sweat

Differences between men and women, medical concerns and foods that make us sweat excessively: Everything you didn’t know but wanted to know about sweat is explained here.

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Is your child vegetarian? Here is everything you need to know

Children who want to give up animal products need to be carefully monitored. New research shows that such a diet may lead to being underweight.

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Introducing the diet that can lengthen your lifespan

Everyone who goes on a diet does it to lose weight, but what if as a bonus you can also prolong your life?

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water bottle

Can bottled mineral water go bad?

It's not yogurt or eggs, so many of us don’t store it properly and also don’t check the expiration date of bottled mineral water. Even if you did check, is it worth anything at all?

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Intermittent fasting isn’t more effective than calorie-counting - study

A comprehensive study which lasted an entire year found that there’s no difference between this popular trend and simply limiting caloric intake. What’s the truth?

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  Nuts (illustrative)

Five great reasons to eat nuts

If there's one food you should always reach for, it's nuts. Here are the five best reasons to add this perfect snack to your daily menu, and not just on Passover.

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Let my people go: How to avoid constipation on Passover

The pandemic the last two years prevented us from having family meals together, so this Passover will be different. What won’t be different is the constipation you’ll have during the holiday.

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