California man spends 100th birthday with parade of dogs

The event boasted a crowd of more than 200 people in attendance.

Can exercising with dogs be good for you? (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Can exercising with dogs be good for you?
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

One California man spent his 100th birthday surrounded by friends, family, and four-legged friends on June 17, 2023, NBC Bay Area reported.

Dr. Robert Moore is a lifelong dog enthusiast and ahead of his milestone birthday, at 100 years of age, his family wanted to arrange a surprise like no other.

Turning to social media to encourage participation, his daughter managed to reach 200 people - and of course, their furry friends - to celebrate her father's milestone birthday.

According to NBC Bay Area, around 200 dogs and their owners showed up after family members used the social media neighborhood app Nextdoor to gain traction. They asked neighbors and anyone interested to dress up their dogs for a promenade near the home of San Jose resident Dr. Robert Moore.

Spreading joy to more than the birthday boy

The crowd was nothing short of excited to show off their costumes and share their furry vibes with Moore. Dogs in attendance included dogs with disabilities in pull carts, dogs in tutus, and dogs in tuxedos, among others.

According to a statement made to NBC Bay Area by his daughter, who organized the deed, the dogs and their owners wrapped the street. Hundreds of people who did not even know the man showed up with the dogs and gifts to appreciate him, and to connect over their mutual love of the animal.

“It makes you feel wonderful about your community that people would come out and do that for your dad who you love so much," his daughter Alison said to NBC Bay Area. "It was really special."