Unlocking the hidden purpose of the pizza's white plastic table

Discover the surprising alternative use for the white plastic table found at the center of your family pizza, offering a clever solution that enhances your dining experience

 Mystic Pizza (photo credit: NOA ROSEN)
Mystic Pizza
(photo credit: NOA ROSEN)

A recent TikTok video has shed light on the true purpose of the white plastic table that comes with a family-sized pizza. What was once deemed an unnecessary addition has now been revealed to serve a practical function.

John Petersen, known on TikTok as @gunnerandlux, shared a clip demonstrating how these small tables should be utilized. Instead of leaving it in the center, Petersen suggests inserting the table into one of the pizza's triangular slices, making it easier to extract the desired piece without any mess.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

A slice of truth: The unexpected utility of the white plastic table with pizzas

By using the small table to secure the pizza, you can use your free hand to neatly remove the adjacent slice without compromising the pizza's integrity and messing up the other pieces. The triangular slices will stay in place, preventing the melted cheese from becoming a chaotic mix.