Using household product: How a 42-year-old looks 20 years younger

A woman in her 40s reveals her simple skincare routine, incorporating a single product that dramatically reduces her visible age. She even shares how to prepare this product at home.

 Skincare (photo credit: PEXELS)
(photo credit: PEXELS)

When it comes to skincare, people's product preferences vary due to different skin issues. Some struggle with oily skin, while others combat acne or dryness. We all desire to nourish our skin and hope for the best, as there is no universal skincare regimen. Instead, we learn different methods throughout the years.

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Tams, a 42-year-old who frequently shares videos on TikTok as @tamsskyn, divulged her skincare secret to her followers. She emphasized that she does not use filters and attributed her radiant skin to a consistent, uncomplicated routine and the inclusion of rice water for skin firmness. "When I tell people I’m 42 and I’ve never had a 10-step skincare routine. [I always] followed a simple yet consistent skincare routine and added rice water to level up my skin and it shows," she wrote.

If you're curious about preparing rice water, Tams has the answer: All you need is one kilogram of white rice, and it doesn't mater which brand.

How can you use rice water to look younger?

She then says to rinse the rice with water, filtering it twice to remove any impurities. Then, let it soak for a while. Afterward, transfer the remaining white water to a container and refrigerate it for two weeks.

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When asked how to use the rice water, the blogger provided four methods. The first one is to directly apply the water from a bowl onto your face. The second one is to dip wipes in the rice water and place them on your face for approximately 15 minutes.

The third option is to transfer the rice water to a spritzer and spray it onto clean skin on your face. The last and most advanced technique is to freeze the rice water in ice cube containers and gently apply the ice cubes to your face.

Tams also mentioned that she cooks and eats the soaked rice, ensuring nothing goes to waste. She advised using the rice water in the morning and evening after washing your face, followed by your usual skincare products.

Finally, she stressed that it is important to let the skin air dry after using the rice water instead of wiping it with a towel. Many respondents praised her recommendation and shared their positive results.