The chocolate Israelis crave finally arrives - new foods on the market

Coming from Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, and elsewhere: We try some of the new products hitting the Israeli market.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Believe us when we say that this is no easy job, not easy at all.

Trying all the new products hitting the Israeli market in front of everyone, receiving delivery after delivery, accumulating disposable bags in the office (and at home), the never-ending feeling of satiety – seriously, it's harder than it looks. No one is paying us to go to the gym or compensating us for the FOMO that quickly develops.

But here we are again, ready to tackle what's new on the store shelves. This time, we have quite an eclectic mix.

Lindt chocolate praline bars

  (credit: Lindt)
(credit: Lindt)

The popular chocolate brand expands its selection with a new line from Switzerland.

These bars combine chocolate, truffles, and pralines in one wrapper, offering four flavors: milk chocolate filled with pistachio cream, white chocolate filled with white chocolate cream, milk chocolate filled with milk chocolate cream, and dark chocolate filled with bittersweet chocolate cream. Price: NIS 11.90-15.90.

Needless to say, the concept is executed naturally and flawlessly. Each rectangle boasts a delicious creamy filling, leaving a lasting impression.

To sum it up in eight words: Once opened, there's no turning back. Pure perfection.

Ice nougat, iced coffee latte, and iced coffee by Strauss

  (credit: Studio Strauss)
(credit: Studio Strauss)

The market for hot-cold beverages gets a refreshing boost with the introduction of melted ice nougat and melted ice coffee from Elite Cafe, as well as Beanz brand iced coffee lattes – all by Strauss.

The first can of coffee (250 ml) provides a sweet, caffeinated taste with a hint of milky goodness and a touch of nougat sweetness. It perfectly complements the existing lineup of iced coffee and iced vanilla.

The second can, also with added milk, takes the caffeination up a notch. It joins last summer's successful launches of iced coffee lattes in vanilla and mocha flavors. This variant offers a bolder coffee taste with just the right level of sweetness.

The third can is perfectly timed for rising temperatures, featuring a package with eight individual portions (26 grams) and a recommendation to use a blender. A little milk, a touch of ice, a few seconds of blending—and your day instantly becomes livelier.

To sum it up in nine words: Ideal for on-the-go or a delightful pause.

Ice cream peace pops by Ben & Jerry's

  (credit: Ben & Jerry's )
(credit: Ben & Jerry's )

The renowned local ice cream giant Ben & Jerry's expands its freezers with the introduction of "Peace Pops."

For now, the launch includes two flavors: cookie dough with a chocolate-flavored coating and salted caramel brownie with a salted caramel coating. These flavors rest on a creamy base shaped like the peace symbol. The context may be unclear, but it doesn't matter because these ice cream pops are incredibly delicious. They offer just the right amount of sweetness and come in a convenient size (69 grams) for moderate indulgence. Price: NIS 13.90.

In three words: Born for peace.

Italian spreads, coconut cream, and teriyaki sauce by Master Chef

  (credit: Master Chef)
(credit: Master Chef)

The efficient food brand, Master Chef, expands its product line with a series of exciting launches – a trio of spreads, carton-packaged coconut cream, and an enlarged bottle of teriyaki sauce.

The spreads – green pesto with cashew nuts, red pesto, and sun-dried tomato spread – bring a taste of Italy to your table. Each spread captures a bit of the fantasy associated with the land of the boot. The red pesto stands out with its originality and pairs wonderfully with bread and pasta sauces. Price: NIS 15.50 for 190 grams.

The coconut cream, containing 75% coconut extract and water, adds an Asian-inspired touch to your culinary creations. Its rich and creamy texture elevates various dishes. Price: NIS 8.90 for 250 ml.

Last but not least, the giant bottle (700 ml) of teriyaki sauce, produced in Thailand, fulfills the demand for a slightly sweetened meat marinade. It addresses the repeated consumer need for a larger bottle size. Price: NIS 12.90.

To sum it up in four words: Functionality for your kitchen.

Stuffed olives by Saba Haviv

  (credit: Saba Haviv)
(credit: Saba Haviv)

The beloved brand expands its shelves with a series of stuffed olives.

The series currently offers five versions: lemon-stuffed olives with a distinct bitter-sour taste, hot pepper-stuffed olives, red pepper-stuffed olives (fun and delicious), garlic-stuffed olives (perfect for enhancing pasta sauces), and almond-stuffed olives. These olives are great for home table spreads, salad toppings, or simply as a flavorful snack straight from the jar. Price: NIS 19.90 for 500 grams.

To sum it up in four words: The perfect starting five.

Redbreast 12 by Tempo

  (credit: Tempo)
(credit: Tempo)

And finally, to wrap up such delightful discoveries, we present something to sip and savor: Tempo's alcohol division introduces Redbreast 12 to Israel – an acclaimed "single pot still" whiskey from Ireland.

This popular whiskey from Middleton Distillery in County Cork is made using a combination of barley and sprouted barley. It undergoes triple distillation in traditional boilers and is aged for at least 12 years in ex-bourbon and sherry barrels. The result is a whiskey that justifies the meticulous process, offering bold aromas, a smooth sip, and a spicy, deep flavor. Price: NIS 280.

In one word: Cheers!