Woman flies 10,000 km for a haircut to save money - would you?

Discover why one woman prefers flying to Turkey from the US for hair extensions, finding it more cost-effective than her local beauty salon.

 Would you fly across the world for a hair appointment? (illustrative) (photo credit: PEXELS)
Would you fly across the world for a hair appointment? (illustrative)
(photo credit: PEXELS)

It might seem absurd to travel 10,000 kilometers just for a haircut, but after hearing the reasoning of this one TikTok user, you might find it surprisingly sensible.

Bryn Elise (@bryn.elise on TikTok) shared her experience of flying to Turkey, 10,000 kilometers away, to visit a professional hairdresser. The primary motivation behind her decision was the substantial cost savings she could enjoy.

"It's that time of year again when I fly to Turkey to get my hair done instead of going to the salon down the street like any sane person would," Elise shared in her video. "And this should be no surprise to anyone who's watched me get my dental work in Thailand or tattoos in Colombia, but I'm obsessed with beauty tourism. You're about to see a pretty startling transformation.

In the video, she is seen hopping into a taxi on her way to the salon, which is situated far from her local area. "In the span of a few hours, I shapeshift from passable looking to slimy little rat to absolutely unrecognizable superstar slash hair model. So buckle up," Elise says in the video.

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But why would someone go to such lengths for a haircut?

"I know what you're thinking—this girl is insane. But let me explain why it is 100% worth it," she continues, proceeding to explain how it all began when she received an email from her US-based beauty salon last year, notifying her of a substantial price increase for the hair extensions she regularly received to the tune of $4,450.

This sudden increase prompted the social media influencer to explore alternative options.

"So I decided to do a little shopping around and realized that a lot of the hair inspiration photos I had saved on Instagram were from this absolutely world class stylist who lived in Turkey. So, jut of sheer curiosity, I [sent him a message] to get a quote. And tell me why this man said he would do my dream hair for $500."

Included in the $500 cost was 300 pieces of 22-inch keratin-bond extensions, bleaching, styling, and more, all for $500. "

How much was overall cost of the trip?

Elise explains in the video that, so long as you're flexible with the date, flights from the US to Turkey can be as low as $700. And, if you happen to have accumulated points and miles, you could even end up flying for free.

Typically, an Airbnb stay in Turkey for a week costs around $200 to $300, she explained as she broke down the cost. Additionally, she estimated that food expenses would amount to approximately $150 per week.

Overall, a flight, accommodation, food her hair extensions, and the small vacation she enjoyed cost somewhere around $2,000, which, in comparison to the price of $4,450 for just hair extensions, is a good deal any way you look at it.