This personality test will reveal if you're being taken advantage of

The viral TikTok personality that discovers if you're innocent, cynical, secretive, or have a heart of gold. Find out now!

 Screenshot (photo credit: TikTok/ Mia Yilin)
(photo credit: TikTok/ Mia Yilin)

Personality tests have been spreading like wildfire on TikTok lately. One popular TikToker, Mia Yilin, shared a video featuring a personality test that can unveil intriguing details about your character.

By interpreting what you see in a picture, the test determines whether you're innocent, cynical, secretive, or possess a heart of gold. So, let's dive in and find out!

Mia explained, "If you see a cat walking up the stairs, you have a heart of gold and are very innocent. As a result, you often feel taken advantage of by the people around you, because you choose to see the good in others. You're the kindest person, and bring positivity to others. 

"With that being said, if someone crosses you, you'll remember for as long as you live."

Heart of gold or cynical realist?

On the other hand, "If you see a cat walking down the stairs, then you are a realist, and a cynic. You know how to protect yourself and like to hear the hard truth.

People like telling you their secrets because they know they can trust you. It can be difficult for you to enjoy life because you understand that all good things must come to an end.

"You anticipate betrayal, but once you find someone you love, you'll guard them with your life."