Reveal your qualities: Try this TikTok psychology test

The TikTok account @psychologylove100 shared an optical illusion intriguing social media users. There are two sides to the picture, what you see first says a lot about you.

 LONELY NO more: Working in a downtown cafe. (photo credit: MIRIAM ALSTER/FLASH90)
LONELY NO more: Working in a downtown cafe.
(photo credit: MIRIAM ALSTER/FLASH90)

This optical illusion shared on TikTok might reveal more about the type of person you are, but it all depends on what you see in it first.

In the following picture, you can see a figure of a woman's body, but some people also noticed a feather. The TikTok account @psychologylove100, with 323 thousand followers and 2.8 million likes, shared this illusion.

Take a look.

What did you see first? What does this mean for your personality?

"What did you see first?" the video asked.

"If you see a feather first on the personality test, it could mean you're a great visionary. You're someone who can see the big picture in the long term and make decisions accordingly. You're able to think in the long term and make decisions that will prove useful in the near or distant future. You're a person who likes to plan ahead and foresee scenarios in advance, so you're ready to face any obstacle that comes your way. You're very thoughtful and tend to consider the consequences of your actions before carrying them out. However, you can also be too much of a perfectionist and can sometimes be too strict with yourself or others. You are strong-willed and can be very determined and persevering. You tend to be very critical and can be very hard on yourself and others."

"On the contrary, if you've seen the woman, a very sociable and empathetic person, you're a person who knows how to adapt to a group and who knows how to listen to and understand others. You have a great ability to put yourself in other people's shoes and understand how they feel and what they want. You're very sensitive and tend to be protective of others. You have a great willingness to adapt to any situation and find solutions to any problem," the video continued.

"However, you can also be very sensitive and can be easily hurt by the criticisms and words of others. You tend to worry too much and care about everything that happens around you. You may also find it difficult to make decisions and commit yourself to a particular direction. You can sometimes be too kind and helpful, which can get you into trouble."