Israeli celeb reveals her biggest regret: Wasting years on a bad partner

Rich businesswoman Nicol Raidman shared on her Instagram account the most significant mistake of her life and discusses her relationship with her ex, the father of her children.

 Israeli celebrity Nicole Raidman. (photo credit: MIRIAM ALSTER/FLASH90)
Israeli celebrity Nicole Raidman.
(photo credit: MIRIAM ALSTER/FLASH90)

In early August, Israeli media reported on Michael Cherney, former partner of Nicol Raidman and father to her children, who allegedly broke into her home while she was overseas.

A police complaint was filed, shedding light on this incident and adding a criminal dimension to their already strained breakup.

What was Israeli celeb Nicol Raidman's biggest regret and biggest dream

Last night (Wednesday), Raidman hosted a Q&A session on her Instagram account. Amid discussions about Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu's public image and her endorsement of judicial reform, Nicol responded to inquiries about her greatest regret and ultimate aspiration—interestingly, the two were intertwined.

Raidman divulged that her most significant misstep revolved around her relationship with Cherney: "I made a bad choice in a romantic partner, and now I mourn squandering those wonderful years in profound sorrow. As for my aspiration, it's my children. Every day, I express gratitude that I am lucky to be the mother of these two incredible angels."