Wild bachelorette party video leads to wedding cancellation

Emma Alicia Paz Ayala's excessive bachelorette party antics, captured in a viral video, prompt groom's family to call off wedding plans.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Not all moments from a bachelorette party should find their way onto social media. Emma Alicia Paz Ayala, a bride-to-be from Mexico, learned this lesson the hard way. A video from her bachelorette party, in which she passionately kisses a man other than her fiancé, was shared on Twitter. The aftermath? Her impending wedding was abruptly called off. 

Initially published in 2016, the incriminating video recently resurfaced on TikTok, sparking renewed interest and discussions under the trending hashtag #LadyCoralina, named after the bar where the incident unfolded.

Within a short span of time, the groom-to-be, Pablo Torres Gandra, and his family came across the viral video as well. While some Mexican media outlets reported that it was Emma's mother who made the decision to cancel the wedding, the finer details of the situation remained concealed. The drama resembled that of a telenovela, intriguing and full of twists.

Adding to the spectacle, the engagement celebration took a scandalous turn with the emergence of explicit photos of the bride on OnlyFans.

What people said

Although certain reports suggested that Emma's mother was the one who initiated the wedding cancellation, this didn't deter commentators from seeking out those at fault. One person commented, "This story reaffirms why most of my close friends are men. Female friends can be so deceitful."