Engagement party turns dark after bride's Onlyfans photos revealed

Unexpected chaos erupted at the engagement party as a guest unveiled explicit photos of the bride-to-be.

 Illustrative image of woman crying (photo credit: PEXELS)
Illustrative image of woman crying
(photo credit: PEXELS)

We have witnessed bizarre reasons that caused weddings to be called off, but this incident takes the cake, with some arguing it's justified.

According to American media reports, an engagement party turned into chaos recently when the groom-to-be discovered his fiancée's nude photo account on OnlyFans. The revelation came from the bride's sister-in-law, who couldn't hold back the truth.

In a now-deleted Reddit post, a woman revealed her experience at her sister-in-law's engagement party, where she decided to inform the groom about his future wife's past. She suggested that he needed an open mind to marry someone who had previously posted nude pictures on OnlyFans.

The moment those words escaped her lips, the party erupted.

The woman explained that clearly, her fiancé had no idea about her OnlyFans account, adding that she was sure people could only imagine the ensuing drama. The bride was left in tears, fleeing the party, and leaving the guests stunned.

 Engagement party (illustrative) (credit: PEXELS)
Engagement party (illustrative) (credit: PEXELS)

Attempting to console his sister, the groom's twin brother intervened and blamed the woman (who disclosed the information) for the whole debacle. This accusation prompted her to respond by pointing out that the twin brother himself had a questionable past, causing an even bigger confrontation.

Eventually, the couple had to call off the engagement and wedding. While it was a heart-wrenching outcome, the woman firmly believes that honesty should prevail in any relationship, and the bride should have been forthright with her future husband from the beginning.