Messi's menacing on-field bodyguard is always by his side

A former soldier in the US Army's special unit and an MMA fighter protects Lionel Messi on and off the field.

  (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)

Fans of Inter Miami may have noticed a mysterious figure by Lionel Messi's side - on the sidelines and sometimes even on the field. It turns out that the American team, following the advice of owner David Beckham, has hired a private bodyguard to ensure Messi's safety, especially from potential field invaders.

So, who is this intimidating bodyguard? 

Meet Yassin Chuako, a former MMA fighter and soldier in the particular unit of the United States Army who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Chuako accompanies Messi everywhere - before, during, and after matches - to ensure the star feels secure in his new country.

"One thing is certain: security will be heightened," said one of Miami's owners last June upon Messi's arrival. "We will take all necessary precautions, not just during games. I witnessed how the Argentine team conducted themselves during the World Cup. They arrived early in Miami, and we had the opportunity to observe it. We are fully prepared.""The rabbit pulled a kangaroo out of its hat!"

Messi's frenzy in the USA shows no signs of calming down. 

Big drama: Watch Messi work his magic and lead Inter Miami to yet another final. Messi reveals, "The happiest moments of the past two years were with Argentina."

Chuako has become a viral sensation in recent days, amassing over 124,000 followers on his Instagram account, where he primarily shares videos and photos of his fights and training: